content and sex

I am struggling with the amount of sexual content in my story. When I first contemplated this project I was thinking of an erotic fiction, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go mainstream with it. The series is about prostitution and prostitutes, so some sexual content is to be expected. This is an adult fiction, but I am wondering if I should write the sex geared more toward an NC17 or an R rating. I will discuss this with my critique group tonight. It is a question I have been struggling with.


4 thoughts on “content and sex

  1. I started writing at the age of 62 and want to try all the genres. I wrote a lot of poetry and some romance stories under the guise of being a female in order to experiment with all angles of writing. Honestly I wrote some very good poems dealing with a number of social issues that were successful because the readers thought they were written by a female. As time went on I tried some steamy romance and erotic romance stories as well. Of course it was easier for me as my personal reputation was not at stake.I have recently been wrestling with the idea of putting these racy stories into a collection and marketing them under a pen name. I decided against it because I have a feeling the whole thing could bit me in the butt. I understand your struggle to commit to steamier scenes when writing as yourself. I guess in the end you have to make a decision and live with it. Just adding my two cents…..


      • I could do that but promotion would seem to be the problem. I am NOT allowed to make a facebook page under my pen name, and I hear they are getting aggressive in pursuing this. I would not feel comfotable promoting the author through my page as self promotion seems seedy to me. Just to release it on Amazon and not promote it seems lame. So, I digress…..

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