Shameless Self-promotion

I have never thought myself to be a particularly vain person. I have always been very outgoing and outspoken, but not a shameless self-promoter. Now, however, as a self-published author I find that I must become one. I do not have a big publishing house to promote my work, and I am told that very few actually do that anymore anyhow, so it is up to me to promote myself and my work.
I have joined a promotions and publicity group for writers to help figure out just how to do that. I started this blog. I am trying to be more active on the Social Media sites. I go to book signings to get my face out there and I am networking with other self-published authors.
I am quite aware that it takes a long time, if ever to grow a following as an author. I am trying to write quality stories. I do hours of research, go to critique group, hired an editor, and spend hours a day at my craft.
I am on a very limited income and cannot invest in a publicist. I’ve really been hoping for that Publisher’s Clearing House bunch to show up at my door. It would solve so many problems! However, as that has not happened in the past 20 years, I am not holding my breath.
I will continue just as I am, networking, blurbing on Social Media, making personal appearances, and writing. That is really what I love. I love creating interesting and engaging characters and telling their stories. If I can somehow manage to get a few books sold, all the better.
So here is my shameless self-promotion for today. Buy The Legend of the Swamp Witch by Lori Beasley Bradley from or get it free if you have Kindle Select. Look for The Ruby Queen, Book 1 of The Soiled Dove Sagas to come out soon. I will let you all know when it goes live with some more shameless self-promotion.
I hope you all have a very Happy and prosperous New Year.


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