Happy New Year!

Today is New Year’s Eve and many of you will be out celebrating tonight. I hope you will all be safe. Personally, I prefer to stay inside safe and sound from unscrupulous revelers.

My New Year is starting off on a disappointing note. I received a rejection notice from Loose Id Publishing for the Ruby Queen. They thought the characters were well developed and the story good, but not erotic enough and without a romantic edge and Happily Ever After ending. I did not write an Erotic Romance. I wrote a Historical Fiction about Prostitution in the Old West. It is a story for women who enjoy history and the struggles of our sex in that period.

While it is about prostitutes and could be edited into erotica easily, it has no romantic hero. I have been married and divorced three times and lost my belief in the fantasy of a Happily Ever After. Perhaps if I were writing pure fantasy!

I have actually begun Book 2, The Queen of the Cow Towns, but now feel that I have had a challenge placed in front of me. Can I write a Romance with a Happily Ever After ending? Now I am thinking I may put The Queen of the Cow Towns aside and try my hand at a Romance.

I hinted at my antagonist in The Ruby Queen sniffing after a young rich War widow in Louisiana. Maybe James Devaroe can redeem himself as a Romantic hero. I think I must take up the gauntlet and try my hand at this new genre. I consider myself a Hopeless Romantic, so perhaps I can channel that into this endeavor.

New Year’s Resolution for 2015: Write a Historical Romance with engaging strong characters and a believable Happily Ever After ending. I feel it must be done. Loose Id has slapped me with the white glove. I must not back away in fear! Lori Beasley Bradley will write a Romance novel in 2015!


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