Out of the Hospital and Writing Again

I spent the weekend in the hospital after suffering what my doctors have called a mini stroke. Can any stroke be considered mini? I have a little extra numbness in my face and throat and my left leg is less obliging than usual, but other than that, I am feeling alright. I was not allowed, by family, to have my computer with me in the hospital, so spent a good bit of time thinking about my current Romance, Sweet Rewards. I scribbled notes on napkins, and made mental notes about plot and character development.

I had to miss two events I really wanted to attend. One was a speaking engagement by Alan Black about how he uses Social Media to promote his writing and the other was the 2015 planning meeting with my Publishing and Promotions Meet-up Group. Writing is what I love, but selling the writing is important too. I have been working at expanding my Social Media profile. I have tripled my Twitter Followers in the past few months and added several people to my LinkedIn account. I follow several interesting blogs and hope they are following me. I am working at improving my blog content and especially, I am working at improving my writing.

I have put Queen of the Cow Towns and the Soiled Dove Sagas aside while I work on Sweet Rewards. I have never written a Romance novel, so this is a new road for me to travel. I am keeping it in the Historical area and revisiting southern Louisiana in 1870. I am finding it quite enjoyable.


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