It’s Monday Morning…again.

Well, here it is Monday morning again. On my to do list is update my blog. Here I am with not much to say. Go Seahawks! That is for my daughter and family in the Seattle area. I am in Glendale, AZ, and we will be overrun very soon with Super Bowl everything, since we are hosting at the stadium just a few miles down the street from my apartment. People I know are renting out their houses for 1,000.00 a day per bedroom for the weekend! WOW! I suppose that if I owned a house it would be tempting, but I can’t imagine trying to hide away all my antiques and general clutter that I call décor so it wouldn’t end up on someone else’s wall or coffee table. But then again for a grand a day per bedroom I could hit the Brass Armadillo and buy new clutter, I mean décor.

As this blog is supposed to be about my writing I will add that The Ruby Queen is being considered by The Wild Rose Press for their Cactus Rose division that publishes Westerns with strong female characters. I have been told that my characters are very well developed. I am hoping that they like Mattie Wallace and Roxie North enough to print their stories!

I am also working on a new Romance novel that I am calling Sweet Rewards. I have 13 chapters and 24,000 words completed of the first draft. Loose Id Press wants a Romance with strong characters and a Happily Ever After Ending. I can do the strong characters, but let’s face it; I have been married and divorced three times. What do I know about Happily Ever After Endings for a Romance? Ok, I’m a writer, I can do Fantasy and come up with something that nears a Romantic Happily Ever After Ending.

So, I suppose it is time to get back at it. Write On!


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