Working to build my Author Platform

In the past few months I have been working to build my Author Platform. Until a few months ago I had no idea what that term meant. Now I do. It is my Social Media base of followers who I can use to jumpstart the sales of my books. I have a Facebook account where I connect with family, close friends and folks from my hometown and school. I have a page for my book The Legend of the Swamp Witch and a readers’ group for my upcoming novel, The Ruby Queen. I am also setting up a readers’ group for the romance novel I am attempting, Sweet Rewards. It irks me some to use Facebook to beg people to buy my work, but the experts say friends and family are your strongest base of your Social Media Platform. They are the foundation, so to speak. I started a LinkedIn Account and have made some wonderful connections there. They have some good groups that I have joined like the Historical Novel Writers and Indie Author promotion group that all post regularly and I have enjoyed participating in those discussions as an author. Now we get to the Biggie for authors, Twitter. I started a Twitter account and a few followers trickled in. I think in the first month or so, I accumulated 17 followers. As people began to follow I would in turn, follow them and retweet something from their page. The followers are now rolling in. I am now at 355 followers and find that I am collecting followers at a rate of twenty to thirty a day from all over the world. I do a personal tweet every few days and mention my work. I get notices that these get retweeted by others. I am beginning to understand how this works and see that it can be a huge asset in the marketing of my work to readers around the world. In the meantime I write on! My first stab at a Romance Novel, Sweet Rewards is coming along nicely I have written 23 chapters and almost 52,000 words. The research into 1874 New Orleans has been fascinating and I have been building a couple of very strong female characters, while trying to repurpose and reform a male character from The Ruby Queen. This too, has been fun. I have seen other authors bring characters from stories into new ones and never realized how much fun giving these characters new lives and new stories can be. Sweet Rewards is in no way related to my Soiled Dove Sagas series, but I have brought James Devaroe back to life in Sweet Rewards. It still remains to be seen if I can transform the reprobate into a likeable romantic lead or not.


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