I will Blog!

I recently made the commitment to blog everyday for the next 60 days in an effort to increase my readership and promote my books. As I am a terrible procrastinator I am already a day behind.
Procrastination has been a problem for me most of my life. It is one of the reasons I didn’t manage to publish a book until age 56. I am on a roll now and have published two with two more in the works. Once I actually get the ball rolling I can’t seem to stop. It is just giving it that first kick that is my problem.
When I was a child, I would wait until the very last moment possible to crawl out of bed and still get ready for school, have breakfast and make the bus. Homework assignments usually got finished on the bus on the day they were due or during the class just before they were due. I got good grades, but look back now and see that I probably could have earned scholarships had I not procrastinated and put more time and effort into my work. They say hindsight is better than foresight and that is so true. Did I learn my lesson? Unfortunately, not. I still find myself putting things off that I could be doing ahead of time. Will I write ten Blog Posts and schedule them to be published at a later date? Probably not today. I will one of these days when I find myself with lots of things to say, but today is not that day.
I have some editing to do on my Erotic Romance Novel, Sweet Rewards, and some more research to organize for Book 2 of my Soiled Dove Sagas, The Queen of the Cow Towns. I keep myself busy and don’t just sit here in front of the tube. I have laundry that needs doing, but my dishes are done.
Procrastination is a terrible rut to fall into and I have spent a lifetime trying to overcome it. I will Blog! I have no idea what about, but something will come to mind. I will try to keep it in the context of My Writing, as that is what this Blog is titled, so do not hope for my fabulous Chicken and Dumplings recipe or how I got grease out of my ex-husbands’ work clothes. I will stick to writing topics.
Until tomorrow, Write On!


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