Writing in different Genres

I enjoy writing Historical Fiction, but within that genre I can incorporate others. I recently finished the first draft of Sweet Rewards, an Erotic Romance set in 1874 southern Louisiana. It is still Historical Fiction and I had to do a lot of research and rewriting to incorporate some of the very messy political upheaval going on in New Orleans in that year. It is a Romance, but it is still a Historical Fiction. A Historical Fiction writer can still write Romance, Horror, Mystery, or Thrillers. It all gets a little tricky when you have to weave actual political and social events into your story to keep it accurate to the time period.

I am working on my sequel to The Ruby Queen in my Soiled Dove Sagas and it takes place in Dodge City between 1874-1878. That means I am dealing with several Historical figures. The Masterson brothers were in law enforcement there and owned Dancehalls and gambling establishments. Big Nose Kate the paramour of Doc Holliday worked as a prostitute there in the brothel owned by the woman who would marry one of the Earp brothers when they get to town in 1876. I was amazed at how these people got around considering transportation at the time. I am having to fit my story around their stories in order to get the History correct. My characters are prostitutes. They very probably would have known other prostitutes in town, as well as law enforcement and drinking establishment owners. It gives me a whole list of additional characters to weave into my fiction, but the history still has to be correct. I can’t have one of my girls in a romantic encounter with Ed Masterson in May of 1878 because he was killed in April of that year. Doc and Kate met in Fort Griffin Texas in 1877, so I had to get Kate out of Dodge and down to Texas before July of 1877.

My fictional characters can mingle with the historical characters,but the timing must be correct. That is the big difference between Historical and Fantasy. In a purely Fantasy fiction, I could have characters doing whatever they pleased with whomever I pleased. Perhaps it is time to go back to the world of Elves ,Wizards, and Dwarves.


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