New Project in the Works

MoonWhile I am still determined to finish my Soiled Dove Sagas, I just outlined a new project. I have the outline for Queen of the Cow Towns finished, but I’m letting it simmer for a while. I wrote a short story and an Erotic Romance. I think I want to try a few different genres and see what happens.

During my senior year at Benton Consolidated High School in 1975 I had a very vivid and disturbing dream. I wrote about it in Sally Taylor’s creative writing class and she pulled me aside after class and told me to hang on to the memory of that dream because it would make a great book someday. I’ve never forgotten it and toyed with writing it a few times. Now, after working with my Central Phoenix Writing Workshop and my editor Jacob Shaver, I am ready to give Horror a real try.

My first book, The Legend of the Swamp Witch, is a ghost story and I listed it under the Horror genre, but an editor I sent it to told me it belonged in the Horror genre about as much as an episode of Scooby Doo. Ouch! This will also be a ghost story and I hope that with the help of my critique group, I can write it as a believable Horror Story.

I have read several Stephen King and Dean Koontz novels. Very few have chilled my spine, other than Salem’s Lot. That book creeped me out! I don’t know whether or not I can write a spine chiller, but I will write the story the way I remember the dream with a few added embellishments and see what happens.

Until tomorrow, Write on!


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