Querying Publishers?

I just spent my morning querying publishers for my Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards. I use Querytracker to look up publishers in the genre I am trying to sell. It is very helpful, allowing you to find publishers in the genre of your work. They give you their websites so you can read their Query Guideline and how to submit your work. You can also mark the different publishers you do not want to query and the ones you do actually query.

I found it interesting, as I read the submission requirements, that the authors are now required to bear much of the burden of the publishinf and marketing process.. A majority want the E-book rights for 5 yrs and only publish your work in book form on special arrangement. They also want to know your social media platform. This is because they want you to do the marketing through your own social media network. Some even require a detailed plan on how you, as the author plan to market the work.

Several want the author to have the manuscript already formatted to their specs for E-book publication, as well as having the work professionally edited.

I always thought the whole point of going through the query process to find a publisher was to have an editor to work with and a marketing team to promote your work.

If the author must write the book, pay for an editor, which is not cheap, and then do all the marketing, why go through all the work involved in putting a query package together? It is a lot of work formatting to the publisher’s requirements, writing a synopsis, and writing a query letter. Then you have to wait weeks to hear back from them. You put off querying other publishers because the one you just queried does not allow simultaneous submissions. If you get rejected, you start the process over again.

Is it any wonder the Self-Publishing Industry is getting so huge? Yes, there will be some crap out there, but there will also be many gems. The authors in my critique group have books that I would buy if I saw them in a bookstore.

I will wait to see what happens with these queries, but I will most probably self-publish Sweet Rewards and continue my own promotion.

Until tomorrow: Write on!


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