Putting Off and Changing Projects

As a writer, my mind is always coming up with new ideas. Some are just ridiculous and never get out of my head, but others at least make it to my notepad. Others even make it to the Outline stage on my computer. Now it has a document file that I see every time I open my documents. This keeps me thinking about it. Outlines get changed and upgraded. When a project gets a file of its own with the title and Novel after it, I have committed to continuing with it…eventually.

It is very easy to get sidetracked from a current project and that can be frustrating. I am committed to finishing my Soiled Dove Sagas. Book 1 The Ruby Queen is in print and available on Amazon.com. Book 2 The Queen of the Cow Towns has an Outline and a Novel file with a Prologue and 4 chapters completed.

Then I got sidetracked! I got into my Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards. I outlined it in late December and began writing in January. It is now in the editing phase. I have been getting great feedback from my critique group on the Chapters I’ve presented. I have been sending it to some publishers. Fingers are crossed. I should get back to The Queen of the Cow Towns. I got bogged down in some research that forced me to do some rewrites of two chapters.

Then I wrote a short story. It was a rewrite of a story I’d written back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It got me to thinking of other old stories I’d pondered. One was a story I wrote in high school after having a very vivid dream. My instructor, Sally Taylor, told me to hang on to the story because it would make a great book someday. Sidetracked again! I wrote an outline, gave it a name, Prohibited. It has to do with characters during Prohibition in southern Illinois. I have written 5 chapters so far and really getting into it.

I know from talking with other authors in my Writers’ Workshop that they also deal with the same problem. Projects they are committed to get put on the back burner to simmer when new ideas pop into their heads and refuse to be ignored. Ideas and characters seem to have that effect on writers. It is probably the same with other artists and generally creative sorts.

The Queen of the Cow Towns is not keeping silent. Mattie and Roxie are bugging me to get back at it and I will as soon as these ghosts in Prohibited stop plaguing me. I promise you that I am not psychotic. I am just a writer.

Until tomorrow, Write On!


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