Why I Write

lavender cottageOne of the questions I and probably other authors get is: Why do you write? I thought about that after being asked by a friend. I told her that I write because I enjoy telling a story, but was that really all? After my stroke in 2009 and the rehab, I had lost the use of my left arm and had to rely on a cane to walk. I suppose some people just give up and crawl into a hole of self-pity after something like that. My mother did.

Ever determined NOT to be like my mother, I went on a strict diet, lost 97 pounds, left an unhappy marriage, tried moving back home to southern Illinois, but realized I no longer fit in there; if I ever did, moved back to Arizona, and found an apartment I could afford on my meager Disability income. That was in 2013. So there I sat in my lonely apartment with the television and the internet to keep me company.

Talking to my daughter one afternoon she asked me why I wasn’t writing. I had written quite a bit when she was young and she’d read my stuff after she got older. It inspired her to write and she has self-published two novels. She basically told me to get off my butt and start writing again. I’d written a novella in 2013 and sent it to her to read and she liked it. Just write, she told me. It will give you something to think about and fill up your days.

So, I did. I sat down and wrote a seat of the pants novel. I self-edited it and designed a cover with my daughter’s help. Then I uploaded it to Create Space. When I got that first copy in my hands and saw my name on an actual book, I was so excited. I went on Amazon.com and there was my book, with my name as author. Thrilling! Then I had to try to figure out how to sell it. That part I’m still working on.

But after writing that first book, I found that writing is an escape for me like reading was. When I’m writing, I can escape into a world of my own creation and make the people do and say whatever I want them to. It’s a good idea to have an outline to actually map where you plan for them to go, but once I have that basic plan in my mind, I can create scenes that get them there. Like reading once was for me, writing is now my method of escapism. I still read, but writing is my true pleasure now.

Will people think I am off my gourd if I answer that question thus: I write to escape the mundane existence that is my life? I hope not.

Until tomorrow, Write On!


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