I was offered a contract!

kissing statuesI suppose this is blowing my own horn, but my manuscript Sweet Rewards has a contract offer from Etopia Press. It is basically an e-book publisher, but it is a start! I am very excited.

I had already received a few rejections on the manuscript, as well as from an agent. I have actually become immune to the stun of rejection, as The Ruby Queen was rejected by all the publishers I submitted to. It still hurts, of course. I labored over the work for hundreds of hours and put my heart into it. Then someone writes and tells me, sorry it’s not right for us or while your characters are strong and the story premise is good, we don’t think it can be edited to fit our catalogue. What does that even mean? I only sent it out to publishers who had Historical Fiction on their list of wants. Anyhow, I got used to the rejections.

I cannot even begin to describe the excitement of reading those words: We’d love to add Sweet Rewards to our catalogue and look forward to working with you.

Today I got the contract package on my email. I tried to download it and lost it somehow. I felt so foolish. I had to e-mail them back and ask for another package. Why cant we do this through the mail with actual ink signatures? The poor Postal Service is going bankrupt. Let’s give them a boost! I am just old fashioned, I guess. I am not of the computer age. My grandchildren are more able to navigate this machine than I am and I really have no desire to learn. I am 56 years old and I like the regular mail.

Hopefully, they will understand my poor computer skills, and they will resend the package so I can get my son to come over and walk me through it.

Until tomorrow, Write On!


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