Happy Anniversary?

mysticalSix years ago today I was on my way home from a weekend in New Orleans and suffered a life-altering stroke. On this day every year I force myself to look back on the past year and add up my small advances. This past year has been a pretty good one for the most part. I wrote and published The Ruby Queen and acquired a contract on my Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards.

I have made great advances in my writing career and find great comfort in that. My love life has not fared quite as well. The man I was living with back in Missouri died of liver failure in August. We’d remained friends after our break-up and his loss broke my heart. I began a romantic relationship with a man here in Phoenix in July only to lose him to a botched surgery in November. I also found out that he still had a relationship with his wife that he’d lied to me about. I mourned his loss, but it also reinforced my mantra. Men are Pigs. I dropped my profile on Plenty of Fish and will play out my romantic fantasies in my writing. Nobody gets hurt unless I want to hurt them and sometimes I hurt them most foully!

I continue to struggle with marketing my work, but I am determined to plod on! I have pledged to blog for 60 days. I have missed a few days, but have been keeping up with it better than I thought I would. I am looking at some paid avenues and some blog sites for reviews. I have a marketing degree, but find that the best avenues also require huge amounts of money. Those are beyond me on my fixed disability income. I am working on it. Something will click eventually.

Physically I am much the same as I was 18 months after the stroke. I lost almost a hundred pounds and have brought my blood pressure down to healthier numbers. My mood is managed by an antidepressant and a good bit of caffeine and chocolate. My writing I also find helps my mood. Although my mood can also be reflected in my writing. When I am feeling down more people seem to die more horribly. Writing it is much less strenuous and much less messy.

So, here I sit pondering the past six years and have to admit that I have come a long way. I have to type with only one hand, but I type. I must walk with a cane, but I walk. I chew my food and swallow more carefully, but I still eat and drink. I can no longer work a regular job, but I write. I have the time I never had before when I worked a regular job and managed a costuming business on the side. I’ve worn out a laptop in the past couple of years and will probably wear this one out too along with my HP printer that uses more ink than my car uses gasoline. Those little ink cartridges seem to get about 150 double spaced pages before they run dry. I run  through about 1.5 per month in making copies for my critique group.

Until tomorrow, Write On!


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