Book Promotion and Sales

guardian angelI love to write! I have a degree in marketing and owned two very successful businesses. Why can’t I sell more books? I always had the impression that the writing was supposed to be the hard part. Wrong!! The marketing is. Part of the marketing is first finding an agent to represent you and your work. They will then promote you and your work to publishers. If you cannot find an agent to represent you then you must find a publisher on your own.

Querying publishers is much like querying an agent. You send out a pitch letter about your book, a synopsis, and some sample chapters. If they like what they see, they will ask to see the complete manuscript. If they like that, they may make an offer or they will send you a polite letter explaining why it is not a good fit for them. I have several that I could share.

Self-publishing also means self-marketing. I have always thought of myself as a good salesperson, but this book marketing business is a whole new game for me. I have always been a one-on-one sort of salesperson and book marketing seems to be more of an online marketing thing. I am looking at some online promotion gigs. We will see how that goes.

I think The Ruby Queen is a good story and have been told my characters are strong and engaging. I have also been told to get my behind in gear and get Queen of the Cow Towns written because there is no better way to sell Book 1 than to get Book 2 out there. I am working on it.  I am also trying to come up with  good ideas for a Book Launch Party for Queen of the Cow Towns where I will also have copies of The Ruby Queen available. It is all very daunting.

Then I get side tracked by other ideas like Ghost Stories and Romances. When I get these ideas I have to get them down because they just won’t go away until I do! My Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards was picked up by Etopia Press and I am very happy about that. I am anxious to see how it sells with a publisher behind it compared to my self-publishing endeavors. They expect me to promote the book on my social media accounts too, of course. I will. Many publishers now will not even accept your work unless you have a social media following of at least 1000!

Until tomorrow, Write On!


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