Another Contract Offer

soiled-doveIn my email file this morning was another contract offer for Sweet Rewards. I’d already accepted the contract from Etopia, but read through their contract to see if I’d screwed myself by accepting the first offer to come in. The off was from Pegasus UK. I read through the contract and was rather shocked to see that they wanted what amounted to 3750.00 from me to publish my book. I had no idea this was a Vanity Press. They presented themselves as a conventional publisher and required a query. They listed all sorts of media avenues that they would use to promote my book, as well as promising professional editing of the manuscript.

Needless to say, I am very happy that I accepted the offer from Etopia. I will certainly not get rich from their offer, but I’m not really into it for the money. I love to write. Money would be nice, of course, but it is not the reason I write. Would I like to be the next ‘big thing’? Yes, wouldn’t we all? Would I like to see The Ruby Queen on the big screen someday with a big fat Hollywood contract? That would be nice. The Soiled Dove Sagas would make a great film series. If any producers are interested let’s talk!

But, as I said before, I am not in this for the money. I had researched the industry before my first publication and knew that over 90% of the authors on Amazon don’t sell tons of books. I am happy if only one reader is touched by my characters and enjoys my story as much reading it as I did writing it. A few more sales would be nice and boost my ranking on Amazon, not that I actually keep track of that sort of thing. I think every author likes to see higher sales numbers and multiple reviews, not for the money, but so they know their work is being read and appreciated.

Peter Weir if you’re reading this and looking for a new project, let me know!

Until tomorrow, Write on!


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