Revisiting the Witch?

BookCoverImageI received a very nice review on The Legend of the Swamp Witch today. The reviewer’s biggest complaint was the lack of editing of the book itself. He liked the story, but said he stumbled over the grammar. I have been arguing with myself about this for a while now. Should I go back and rewrite my first-born?

As a self-published author I have the ability to rewrite my baby and simply upload the revised manuscript. I am seriously considering it. She was my first adventure into the writing world. Shouldn’t I do the most to make her perfect? I wrote her and rushed her into print because I was anxious to see that book with my name on the cover. I love the cover. I love the story. Everyone who’s read it say they love the story.

I’d like to study the reviews and see if I can take them and polish The Legend of the Swamp Witch into the gem I know she should be. It is a quandary. I have published The Ruby Queen, Book 1 of my Soiled Dove Sagas and am writing Book 2 The Queen of the Cow Towns. I am committed to getting that project into full swing. I promised myself I would finish Queen of the Cow Towns before getting into any other projects. I set aside my ghost story Prohibited to simmer while I finish.

So many projects, only so much time!  I will finish Queen of the Cow Towns. Then I will have to decide whether to revisit The Legend of the Swamp Witch or go back to Prohibited. Hopefully no other projects pop into my head along the way like a Mystery or a Fantasy Epic. Alas, those too, have been nibbling at the corners of my mind. The Mystery will probably never happen, but the Fantasy may win out someday.

Until tomorrow, Write On!


2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Witch?

  1. I created a draft of a short story involving the main character from my first novel. The idea is to put out a book of shorts that may spur interest in my novels. This will require me to edit novel #1, because I know much more today than I did then. It’s in the 2015 business plan.


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