Will Book 2 Promote More Sales of Book 1 in a Series?

10685237_10202746279844942_860401557_nI have been told over and over that getting Book 2 in a series into print will help to boost the sales and interest in Book 1. I have been corresponding with some authors in one of my Goodreads boards and am beginning to think this may just be a writers’ urban legend. Several say they have published books 2 or 3 in their series and have not seen a boost in the sales of their other books unless they seriously drop the prices of the earlier titles.

As I’ve said before, the money isn’t a big deal to me. I just want to get my stories out there. I have committed to getting Queen of the Cow Towns into print by late summer. I have 9 chapters and 25,000 + words written. The story is flowing and I can see the first draft being finished within the next month or so. Then I will give it six weeks or so for editing. My cover design is complete already.

As a reader, I have gone back and purchased earlier works by an author if I find a book of theirs I have liked. I think other readers do as well. I just hope my writing is engaging enough to create this desire in my readers. I have already been told by readers of The Ruby Queen to let them know when Queen of the Cow Towns will be out. Reading those words always warm the cockles of an author’s heart.

I am also looking into having The Ruby Queen done as an audiobook. I have spoken with an actress I know who I think would be the perfect voice for the book and await pricing from her on the project. I got a rough estimate from a local producer and it is an expensive step to take. As an avid roadtripper, I have purchased literally hundreds of audiobooks to listen to while on the road. I also have several long-haul trucker friends who buy audiobooks. I know there is a good market for the product. Is it worth the investment? I am still researching that.

Will The Soiled Dove Sagas be a lovely boxed set of CDs someday? One can only hope!

Until tomorrow, Write On!


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