Blogging Breakdown!

soiled-doveOn February 26 I committed to blogging everyday for 60 days. Alas, that has not come to fruition. I have done well to blog about four days a week. Last week I went out of town and left the computer at home on purpose. I needed a break. In addition to writing this blog I also contribute to a blog for my Promotion and Publications Meetup. I have also participated in a few blog tours. And then, there is my writing. I am 13 chapters into The Queen of the Cow Towns, Book 2 of The Soiled Dove Sagas. The Ruby Queen has been seeing some sales on Kindle, I am happy to report and I have already been getting e-mail requests to be put on a list about the release of Queen of the Cow Towns. I will begin presenting chapters at my critique group this week. The critiques by that wonderful group keep me inspired and plodding along.

I am also hoping to put together an awesome book launch with a Western theme. Women in corsets will always bring out a crowd, or so I am told. I am hoping to have the book in print by late September. I am thinking a big shindig with BBQ and beer may be in order!

I have a degree in Marketing and tons of ideas. My problem is a minimal budget. All the fun things cost money!

But, I digress. I am committed to continuing to blog. I will endeavor to keep my topics about writing, specifically my writing. That is the name of the blog, anyhow. I hope I can keep it fresh while dropping in the occasional plug of my current titles available. This is all about the shameless self-promotion.

While I have self-published The Ruby Queen, I am still shopping her to publishers. I sent her off to one today in the UK. I am told the readers over there cannot get enough of the Old West. I hope so!

Until next time, Write On!


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