Thoughts from Mattie and Roxie

BookCoverImage Ruby QueenI thought it might be fun to hear a little from the characters of my Soiled Dove Sagas Mattie Wallace and Roxie North. I will do these in an interview form and create the questions as they would relate to Book 1, The Ruby Queen. I am in the process of writing Book 2, The Queen of the Cow Towns. The Ruby Queen is written from Mattie Wallace’s point of view and the next book will come from Roxie’s.

I got this idea from my Publishing and Promotions Meetup Group and thought it might be fun. I hope y’all think it is as well.

Author: Mattie you are considering entering the Trade along with Roxie. Having been raised a good Christian girl, how can you justify this decision?

Mattie:  I was raised to believe that God has a path for us all and as the Reverend Harper had me run out of town, I suppose this must be the path he reckons for me. I certainly didn’t plan on it, but what’s a girl supposed to do? I have skills, yes. I could most possibly get work in a dress shop or a laundry for a dollar or two a month, or I could play piano on a boat or a dancehall. Everyone knows women who work in those places are counted as whores anyhow, so I may as well just go ahead and be one. The money is better.

Author:  Roxie you’ve been in the Trade some time now. Do you think it’s right to bring this innocent young woman into such a disreputable occupation?

Roxie:  It’s disreputable, yes. But like Red said, what else is a woman alone supposed to do to survive in this world where men hold sway? I don’t know about y’all, but I couldn’t live on washerwoman wages or what they pay in one of the mills. I don’t mind workin’ a twelve hour night on my back, but not hunched over some machine where I might get my hand all mauled up if there’s an accident. That don’t appeal to me none at all. And look at what me and Red are wearin’. Do you think a mill woman or washerwoman could afford silks or suits from a nice shop? Red’s a smart girl. She’s weighed her options and makin’ her own decisions.

Author:  Is that true Mattie? Is it truly your decision to become a whore? You weren’t raised to have such loose morals.

Mattie:  No, I was raised to have good morals, but I was also raised to use the good sense God gave me. Going into the Trade makes sense. It’s for certain, not what my Momma would have wanted for me, but it was her and Poppa that put me out. What did they think was gonna come of me? Roxie has been more than honest with me as to what to expect. You have to put your personal feelings aside and recall that this is a business.

Author:  So what can we expect from you ladies in the future? Where do you see your lives going in the next few years?

Roxie:  Well, Ma’am, Willard has asked me to be his bride, so Red and me are headed to Denver where I’m gonna be married.

Mattie:  I’m very happy for Rox and Will and after I see them married I’m going down to Dodge where some of my friends from Abilene have gone to take up business there. It’s a busy cow town on the Santa Fe Trail and the business should be good.

Author:  Ladies, it has been a pleasure chatting and I look forward to seeing where life takes you.

Look for the answer to the question of where life takes Mattie and Roxie in the next installment of The Soiled Dove Sagas, The Queen of the Cow Towns, due out later in 2015.


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