Ruby Queen News

BookCoverImage Ruby QueenWhile working daily on Book 2, Queen of the Cow Towns, I have continuedto submit The Ruby Queen to publishers. I am happy to announce that I have interest from two publishers at this time. I have received a contract from a small press in Colorado and waiting for further information from a publisher in New York. Needless to say, I am thrilled. I will get further information from the New York firm tomorrow via e-mail and look forward to seeing their proposal.

Before signing the contract with the Colorado company, I have some questions about what their distribution network is and their promotion plans. One plus for them is that they are also interested in the other two books in the series. That is a big consideration for me.

Having self-published twice, I am thrilled to be picked up by traditional publishing. I think that is very important when trying to become established as a known author. I did sign a contract with another small press for my Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards.

One big difference between self-publishing and traditional is that with self-pub your book is out there right away. The traditional publishing route is taking a lot more time. They are saying twelve to eighteen months before publication! Wow!

I am hoping they will allow me to use the cover I designed, because I like it and have plans to use the basic concept with different colors for the next two books. I am also attached to it because my daughter did most of the actual design work.

I also have begun the process to have The Ruby Queen done as an audiobook on Audible. I should be getting audition clips very soon. I am a huge audiobook fan and would love to have The Ruby Queen out there in that market.

This is a short post, and shameless self-promotion, but someone’s got to do it. Queen of the Cow Towns update: 65,000 words and twenty five chapters completed. Coming down to the home stretch! Will have her ready for the editor very soon.

Until next time: Write On!


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