Back on track to the Blog!

cold fireI moved into a new apartment last week. I hate to move! All of the packing, taking down of decor, and then the actual move. Why does it seem to take longer to unpack and put all the stuff back up than it did to take it down and box it up? In years past I was complemented on how amazing it was that I could have my new places set up and decorated so quickly. No more. I am older now and suppose that has something to do with it. My biggest holdback is the fact that I no longer have the use of my left arm and hand. Have you ever tried to hammer in a nail to hang a picture with only one hand? It seriously sucks! I love to decorate. All my stuff that go on the walls is still in the boxes. I look around and know where I want to put it, but have to wait until I have an extra set of hands to help with the hammering.

Then there is the writing. I find myself sitting down to take a rest, opening up my computer, and three hours later I have two chapters edited and no other work finished. Today I thought I’d try to get back on track and get  back to the blog. The apartment is livable, the cable is connected, and there is food in the fridge.

The first draft of Queen of the Cow Towns is complete and I am a little over halfway through the first proofread. Caught some sentence structure mistakes, made some word usage changes, and some continuity mistakes. I’ve managed to take the story from 81,300 words to 82,700. My critique group will probably slam me for so many adjective and adverbs, but I love them. I am still conflicted about the ending, but going to let my publisher decide.


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