rays of sun through the treesI have been seeing adds for a new series on TNT called Proof. The premise of this program is finding proof of what happens to people after they die.

It is an age old question. Heaven? Hell? A black void? Each religion gives its followers a different answer. I am a follower of Wicca and believe in neither Heaven nor Hell, but a peaceful place where our soul, if you will, or our essence goes to rest and contemplate until we are reborn into another body.

In March of 2009 I suffered a massive stroke. I was in a medically induced coma for ten days, on the narrow path between life and death. At one point I stepped over that line and slipped away. I found myself back at my grandparents’ home of my ten-year-old self, where I picked strawberries from my grandfather’s patch. I was walking up the stairs onto the porch where my grandpa sat getting berries ready to sell that day. He looked up at me from the porch swing and asked why I was there so early. I told him I just wanted to get an early start while it was still cool. He told me I was too early and needed to go back. This confused me. I lived more than ten miles away. How was I supposed to get back home? My dad dropped me off there on his way to work. I asked him where Granny was and he pointed to the door into the house. I looked through the window of the door and saw a very bright light coming from the kitchen. That confused me because Granny was very conservative and never had a light on in the house after daylight. I tried the door, but my Granny wouldn’t open it. She said I was too early and had to go back. I was confused and tried to push my way in. Granny held fast and told me again that I was too early and to go back. It was in that voice she had that I didn’t dare argue with and I headed back to the stairs off the porch, very sad and confused.

I later woke in a hospital bed with my family around me. I was groggy and confused for days coming out of the induced coma. It was another week before I understood what had happened and where I was.

I have thought back on that experience at my grandparents’ house many times. Some have insisted it must have been a drug induced dream, though I did code and had to be revived. I wondered why my parents and brother were not there. I have pondered this and decided that I had a very special relationship with my grandparents and their house and that time in my life was a very happy place and time for me. I think my parents and brother are probably waiting for my siblings in their special places and times to greet them when it is their times.

It was not my time back in ’09, but I know there is an afterlife and loved ones are waiting to greet me and lead me into that light. Then I am certain I will be sent to another’s special time and place to wait, and contemplate my past days in a living body. I do not fear death. I have my Proof.


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