Back to the Queens

10685237_10202746279844942_860401557_nThe Ruby Queen has been published and doing relatively well. The Queen of the Cow Towns is now in the editing process and will hopefully be published in late August or early September. I am working on an Erotic Romance novel based on the relationship that comes about between Mattie and Joshua Kirby in The Queen of the Cow Towns. I refer to this relationship developing, but don’t elaborate on it in the book.

I am toying with different ideas as to how I want to write the next book in the series. I want to attempt writing from both women’s points of view. I won’t be head hopping from one character to the other in the same chapters. Each woman will have her own chapter. I just finished reading James Rollins/Rebecca Cantrell’s  Blood Infernal in their Sanguinist series and they wrote it that way. I am eager to give it a try. I know that I want the story to take place in Prescott, Arizona, and the girls will be interacting with Big Nose Kate, Doc Holliday, and the Earp brothers, who were all in Prescott in 1878 before they moved on to Tombstone. As this will be the final book in the series, I want to give them a big finish. I’m working on that.

Therefore, I will be occupied with The Queens for the next several months. I am surprised that I have written so much in so short a time. I know that I am now disabled and have no ‘Job’ to take up my time. I am lucky in that respect. I can write everyday for as long as I care to. Most authors I know do not have that option.

I am told that James Patterson writes about 17 books a year. I’m certain I will never reach his acclaim, but I will keep writing as long as stories keep popping into my head.

Until the next time: Write On!


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