Why not kill the hero?

This is very interesting. We not only have to be writers, but psychologists to create convincing characters!

Entertaining Stories

Charles Yallowitz is taking a much deserved vacation this weekend. He didn’t want to abandon his readers, and asked several of us to host an article while he was absent. He’s conscientious that way.

I’m only too happy to help. Charles is a good guy, and is always willing to help me. Today he’s talking about why authors don’t take the easy way out in their stories.


Thank you to C.S. Boyack for offering to host a promo/guest blog. Now to get the introduction and promo stuff out of the way. My name is Charles E. Yallowitz and I’m the author behind the Legends of Windemere epic fantasy series where the latest one is Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue. I also just released a 27-page short story for 99 cents called Ichabod Brooks & the City of Beasts, so you can get a quick, cheap taste of me …

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