Moving This Blog!

I have a new author’s website and my blog is moving there. You will be able to find me here: I hope you will check it out and continue to follow.

The Queen of the Cow Towns, Book 2 of the Soiled Dove Sagas is in edit with a planned launch date in early September. I will keep you all informed. I am also working on a related Erotic Romance that goes deeper into Mattie’s love interest in Queen of the Cow Towns. I really enjoy taking characters from my works and writing new stories. Sweet Rewards takes Charles Devaroe, my antagonist from The Ruby Queen, and gives him a romance. It was really difficult because I wrote him to be absolutely unlovable in The Ruby Queen. I didn’t like him. I struggled to make him attractive to any woman. The man had no redeeming qualities. I sort of wrote myself into a corner, but I think I pulled it off.

My working title for this new romance is The Buffalo Hunter. I have a bit over 18,000 words and ten chapters completed. If things go well, I may have it ready for publication or queries by next spring.

I hope you will all go over to the new site. Until the next time: Write On!


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