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Geiko Caveman.This blog is supposed to be about my writing. I have been writing for a long time, but only published my first book in 2014. Since then I have completed four others. One, The Ruby Queen, I self-published like The Legend of the Swamp Witch. I now have a publishing contract for the Ruby Queen and the other two books of The Soiled Dove Sagas with JK Publishing. I also have a contract with Etopia Press for my Erotic Romance, Sweet Rewards.

I post on Facebook and Twitter about my books. The other day a good friend called to tell me she’d been back to our home town to visit and ran into another childhood friend. She said the friend asked, “Does Lori really write books?” OMG! What am I doing wrong? This person is a friend on Facebook. Are my posts not going out? I’m confused.

I enjoy the writing and it is my release from my daily frustrations. Writing, like reading has always been, is an escape from a mundane life. I can live a life in the Wild West or walk the swamplands of southern Louisiana. I can have the most handsome fantastic lover, and I never have to leave my couch. It’s a wonderful life really, but I write because I want to share my fantastic adventures and enliven someone else’s mundane day.

I share with my wonderful critique group and that is very satisfying. Recently on one of my writing boards the question was posed: Do you write for passion or money? Writing for me is a passion, but some money sure would be nice.


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