A New Endeavor

kissing statuesI am considering a new endeavor. A friend of mine said I should look into writing personal romance novels. I looked it up online and there is a market for it. What I found were canned stories where the buyer’s name is dropped in with a cover featuring their photo. My friend suggested more personal stories based on a 100 question form filled out by the buyer. They would have the option of a story of their true personal story or a purely fictional story in a setting of their choice and bound in a leather hardback cover suitable as a coffee table display piece or a simple paperback cover.

I wrote a sample story and designed a paper cover on Create Space. I will give these away to prospective buyers as a freebie so they can get an idea of my storytelling ability. Writing this story was so much fun. I think it will be a joy to create stories around the 100 questions answered by the buyer.

I am still uncertain about the pricing. I kept track and the sample story took me roughly 100 hours to write. What is a writer’s time worth? The fancy binding costs about 100.00 per book. The internet offerings ranged between 29.95 and 79.95 with the cheesy canned storyline and paperback covers. My friend who wrote these for years priced them between 500.00 to 3500.00 depending on what type of story they wanted, their personal true story or an intricate fiction and if they wanted a paperback or leather coffee table book.

Think about it. You could have a personal story of your romance set down for posterity in the real time it happened or in a cabin in the Old West or on a space station near Mars. As a writer it would be incredibly fun. This is still in the testing the waters stage, but I’m seriously considering it.

Unfortunately, like all writing it still has to be marketed. Yuck! Working on that as well. This blog is me sticking my toes into the water.


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