Author’s Blog Challenge

Rebecca T. Dickson, EditorI have entered the Authors’ Blog Challenge to blog everyday for 35 weeks. That’s a lot of blog posts. We have help, however. Each day we’ll be given a prompt for our blog. That helps a good bit because I’ve opened this laptop a hundred times to begin a blog and … nothing. What should I write about today? Do I do shameless self-promotion and talk about my books? Do I talk about the progress on my latest project? Should I talk about the critique I got at my last session or how good the Plantation Chicken Salad was at HobNob’s? It can be dizzying. Having specific prompts will be great for those of us who draw a blank when the empty WordPress page pops up.

Today’s prompt was to explain why I decided to join this challenge. As many of you know, I have a terrible problem with procrastination. This challenge, with its daily prompt will push me toward actually making better use of this blog and again, do some shameless self-promotion.

I write almost everyday. I have two or three different projects in the works most of the time. A question posted on one of the boards I belong to asked once; How do you deal with writer’s block. That’s easy. If I find myself blocked on one project, I skip over to another and work on it for a while. That takes my mind off the other project and I relax. That general breaks the block and I find myself working through the problems In was having with the original project and can get back to work on it after a few days. I also get some work done on another project. It’s a win-win.

Joining this challenge will allow me to put my mind someplace else for a while and let me begin my writing day fresh and relaxed, not stressed by what I may have been struggling with the day before. I can respond to the daily prompt, pass along my own meager thoughts on the subject while also pimping my work or that of others.

Also I hope it will get me into the habit of starting my day with this blog and after the challenge is over, I will continue to post on a regular basis.  That is my hope. While I’m here, I may as well do some shameless self-promotion and mention that The Ruby Queen has been re-released by JK Publishing with a new cover and an edited ending. It didn’t change the outcome, just softened it a bit. They found my original ending too abrupt.Ruby Queen. New cover As you can see, the new cover is oriented toward the Romance reader more than the Historical Fiction reader. Look for it on offered only for e-readers at this time.

Until the next time: Write On!!


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