Day 4: Authors’ Blog Challenge: My Writing Role Model

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.36.54 AMI’ve had many role models. Well, I had many authors that have inspired me to want to write. Marion Zimmer Bradley who wrote the Darkover Fantasy series was a huge inspiration to me. When I first had the desire to write a novel back in the late 70s I wrote to her publisher and asked them to forward a note to her about how much her books inspired me. They did and she actually wrote to me! She told me to keep writing if that was my passion. I was very young then, only in my early twenties, and living in rural southern Illinois. I had a tiny Smith Corona typewriter my mother had given me that she’d had in high school. I typed stories and sent them off to magazines. I got rejections. I stopped writing, but I continued to read.

Ann Rice is a role model because she used her writing to get her through the pain of loosing a child. She wrote through her pain and loss, creating the Vampire Lestat. I write when I’m depressed or upset. Like reading, writing takes me away from my current problems and allows me to escape into another world where I usually kill somebody and feel much better.

Hemmingway and Poe are role models because they wrote fantastic stories while totally wasted. How could they do that? I can’t even turn on my computer when I’m wasted, much less put down a coherent thought. They wrote on paper, of course, but how did they even find their pens? Hemmingway may have had a typewriter, I don’t know.

My biggest role model, however, has to be my daughter, Tiffany Beasley Rock, who writes YA Fantasy and has self-published two manuscripts: The Book of Ezra and Starry Nights. She is working on a Murder Mystery now. She did all of this while raising and home schooling four children. All the children test above grade-level in their public school system. I’m very proud of her and she’s the one who prodded me into actually writing and publishing my first manuscript: The Legend of the Swamp Witch. My daughter is my writing role model!


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