It looks like I flaked on the challenge already!

guardian angelOK it only looks as though I flaked on the 35 day blog challenge. For some reason I do not fully understand, I stopped getting the prompts after # 4. I will attempt to continue on my own. I suffered a loss last Wednesday. I was in a hurry, running late to get to my critique group the Central Phoenix Writers’ Workshop, and left my wallet with my phone in it on top of my car. Needless to say, when I stopped off at my bank and realized my idiocy, the wallet and phone where no longer on the roof of my car. I rushed back home, attempted calling my phone and it went directly to voicemail, no doubt smashed to bits by a big-rig on the I-17.

My sister picked me up on Friday and we went to one of those strip mall DMV stores to replace my license. OMG! The B***h behind the glass took one look at me and demanded I take a physical driving test. For my own safety, you understand. Three years ago when I moved back here from Illinois, the DMV did not require a driving test. They just took the out of state license and issued me a new Arizona one. All I wanted from the senorita at the strip mall office was a replacement of my valid license. No, she would suspend my license if I refused to take the test. I took it, using my sister’s car that I’d never driven before and passed with flying colors. I now have a license good until 2023, but the photo is horrid!

The new phone should be here today or tomorrow. Will I be using the roof of my car as a place to retrieve my key any longer? Not on your life! The key will come out of my wallet before I walk out the door and go between my teeth for the walk to the car. Since my stroke and the loss of the use of my left side, I have learned to adjust. Living one-handed in a two-handed world can be daunting, but it’s doable if you think things through ahead of time. You should have seen me the first time I had to fill my gas tank! Several steps to be taken there that one never considers with the use of both hands and both legs. Try it some time. It is actually quite difficult to get your gas cap off with the same hand you’re holding the nozzle from the pump with. Everything has to be broken down into steps. Step one: get out your credit card and stick it between your teeth, Step two: get out of the damned car and walk  to the back of the car, Step three: remove the gas cap and secure it so it doesn’t roll off, Step four: make your way back to the pump and slide your card to make the transaction, making certain you put the card back between your teeth before being told to remove the nozzle and begin filling. Step five: remove nozzle, choose your poison. Luckily you can do that with the tip of the nozzle. Step six: return to the car with nozzle in hand. Car must be parked close to the pumps because holding your cane to assist in walking while carrying the nozzle with its ungainly hose is virtually impossible. Step 7: fill tank and forget about watching the pump because trying to turn and watch the numbers while holding the hose is a problem when your balance is bad. Step 8: Return nozzle to pump (recall step six) Step nine: return to car and replace gas cap. Remember to shut gas cap compartment or people will be honking and waving at you along the highway. Step ten: return to car, put away your card, take a deep breath, and get back on the road. It actually took a few times to get all the steps down pat and I’m certain I was quite comical. I only clean my windshield using my wipers and the little spray and the rear window only gets cleaned if it happens to rain. I live in Phoenix. The rear window is dirty for long periods of time.

Such is the life of a handicapped individual who refuses to just give up. I’ve had to figure out other ways of doing things I took for granted before. I love to cook, but my knife skills are no longer what they used to be.

Try putting sheets on your bed with only one hand. My hair. Forget about it! You can’t even put in a rubber band with only one hand. Virtually everything having to do with your hair takes two hands except running a comb through it. I just had my hair cut because I was tired of it. I paid for perms for a while, but those are expensive and only get more expensive as your hair gets longer. Now I have a nice little bob just below my ears. Cute and manageable with one hand.

844 words and I haven’t mentioned a damned thing about my writing, which I do with one hand. I can actually pound out about 60 wpm with only one hand. I finished the edits on my new contemporary erotic romance, Promises. I self-published it on Createspace this past weekend and it’s live on Amazon now. 10.75 for a hard copy or 3.99 for the Kindle version.BookCoverImage PromisesFind it at: http:/


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