Today’s Blog Challenge: Book Cover Design

Who designed my covers and how de up with the idea. I use Createspace and they offer a cover design tool called Covercreator. I use that. I pick one of their themes and fill in the artwork with free images I collect from the internet.

My daughter is a whiz with Photoshop and helps me out some. She created the image on the cover of The Legend of the Swamp Witch. She also put together the image I use on my Soiled Dove Sagas. I used her image with a red cover for the Ruby Queen.10685237_10202746279844942_860401557_n I planned to use the same image with a green cover for Queen of the Cow Towns and a gold cover for Crown Queen. Now that I’ve contracted with JK Publishing, they will be creating their own very romance novel oriented covers with pretty young women in the arms of musclebound men, gleaming with sweat for all three novels. Not my thing, but the publisher has the final say so on the cover when you’re dealing with one.

Would I change anything about my covers? The Legend of the Swamp Witch depicts a naked young woman walking into a swampy landscape. I’s done as if a painting and quite tastefully done, in my opinion, but I think it has cost me some sales at book-signing events. I did a signing at a Bookmans in Tucson and they set me up at a table directly adjacent to the children’s section. Mothers with young children saw my cover and virtually ran past the table with their youngsters in tow.

I had asked my daughter to do a naked woman in silhouette, but when she sent me the more realistic image, I fell in love with it. It’s very pretty and represents the story well. It is, however, not age appropriate for a children’s section of the bookstore or events where young children will be present. I would probably change the cover to the dark or ghostly white silhouette rather than a lifelike depiction of my ghost.

Where you plan to sell your work and who you plan to be your target audience must be taken into consideration when designing your cover.

The cover for my contemporary erotic romance features a kissing statue on a purple background.BookCoverImage PromisesI don’t think it could be considered offensive or tacky in any way. It’s not your typical Romance novel cover, either. Will romance readers find that a turn off? It’s a toss up.


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