Day 18 of Authors’ Blog Challenge: What music reminds you of your latest work?

As my main character, Mattie Wallace is a pianist and is fond of playing Celtic melodies, I would have to say Ceric Fergus is probably the tune I most relate to The Ruby Queen. It played quite a bit on the music station I listened to while writing it. It’s a lovely, sad Celtic ballad about lost love and homesickness. For those of you unfamiliar with Gallic pronunciation, there are no soft Cs, thus Celtic and Ceric begin with the K sound not S. Sorry, Boston, you guys have it wrong.

I enjoy listening to soft zen music while writing, preferably without words, less I find myself distracted and singing along. I’m certain I have some feline in my genome. I’m easily distracted by simple things; words to music, buzzing insects, the crunch of potato chips, etc. When I had Direct TV I put on the Zen Station. Now I have Cox and put on the Sounds of the Seasons. Again, peaceful, melodious tunes without words. I turn it up and write.

I’m bouncing between a Paranormal Erotic Romance and Book 3 of my Soiled Dove Sagas now and can’t say any one particular tune is associated with either.

moon on orange skyLast night, lying in bed, I began toying with the idea for another paranormal dealing with witches and werewolves. I may tap into some Halloween music to inspire me there, but last weekend’s blood moon and some photos I saw online were more the inspiration there. I’m certain there’s a book out there called Blood Moon and I know I read a book as a youngster called Moon of the Wolf, so I’m thinking something along the line of Witch’s Moon or Moon of the Witch. Will go back to the Bayous of Louisiana for it, as well. Swamps are great for spooky stuff like werewolves, and bloody messes.986a6d61fb63076cc7d8f1fe42e48553

I find myself inspired by the strangest things. I might add that I sleep with the Investigation Discovery true crime channel on. I get all that murdery stuff fed to me in my sleep. I’m really not a psychopath … really, I’m not.

This will be a short post. I don’t have much more to add to the subject.

Until tomorrow; Write On!


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