Day 19 Authors’ Blog Challenge: Interview with a book lover.

Image via Flikr Creative Commons, via Mikko LuntialaI thought I’d interview my friend, Hortencia Tovar. She’s a huge fan of my books and an avid reader.

When did you realize you loved books? When I was about ten years old. I read everything I could get my hands on.

What genre do you read the most? I read everything, but Horror and Science Fiction are my favorites.

Who is your favorite author? Robin Cook, but I love your books too.

Where do you generally shop for books? Used book stores and yard sales. I’m on a fixed income and have to be frugal.

Do you prefer e-readers or do you go old school and prefer an actual book in your hand? I’m absolutely old school. I like to turn the pages by hand.Image via Pink's Galaxy Flickr Creative Commons

When you’re in a bookstore or in that aisle at the grocery store with books, whose books do you look for first? Robin Cook’s

What about a books cover attracts you? The art work that foreshadows the story itself.

What do you think makes a great book? The way the story is set up. I like a strong plot that pulls me into the story and good character development.

I have to agree with Hortencia when it comes to the way I read. I want that book in my hand. I’ve said it here before; I’m a technophobe. Just the idea of reading on an electronic device is revolting to me. It would be just my luck that when I’m in the middle of a great scene, the battery would fail. Nuf said!

I went through my own Science Fiction and Fantasy phases. I read Dune my freshman year in high school and fell in love with Science Fiction. A few years after high school, I picked up a Darkover novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley and spent the next twenty years reading almost nothing but Sword and Sorcery Fantasy. I got hooked on the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series that never seemed to end even with his death. In the early 90s a good friend gave me a Clive Cussler novel and then I devoured everything I could find written by him. He turned me on to the Action Adventure novel. I now read everything by James Rollins and Steve Berry.

I read and I write for escapism. I want to escape my boring everyday life and tramp through the jungles of the Amazon or go on a deep sea adventure, chasing cloned Nazis trying to take over the world. I want to be locked in the Vatican Library with someone who can translate the most obscure languages for me.


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