Day 20 Authors’ Blog Challenge: In what format did I publish my books?

#FUTUREREADERSIn what formats did I publish my books? I used Createspace for my first books. They offer hard copy paperback books and offer the opportunity to publish a Kindle edition. My books are available in paperback and ebook.

I checked into having The Ruby Queen published as an audiobook, but that is an expensive process. I would have been looking at spending about 1900.00 to have the book published in an audiobook format. I would like to have had that avenue available, but I do not have the funds to invest. I enjoy traveling by automobile and purchase audiobooks to listen to while driving. It would thrill me to see The Ruby Queen in a CD case on a shelf in a truck stop. I will never see her in a Barnes & Noble. As an indie author, that avenue is not open to me.

The Ruby Queen has since been republished by JK Publishing in an e-book format only, available on Amazon and JK Publishing’s website.

Image via Flikr Creative Commons, via Mikko LuntialaMy personal preference is an actual paper book with pages to turn. I do not read on electronic devises. I know that is the way of the future, but I’m an old lady stuck with what I know. My grandchildren will probably never appreciate a paper book. They have their Kindles and their Ipads. A paper book will, not doubt, seem like reading from a scroll. This is the electronic generation. I have to deal with it.


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