Day 22: Authors’ Blog Challenge: Who will write my blurb?

Who will I get to endorse my books with a little blurb about how much they like it? That’s an easy answer. Nobody! I don’t know any famous authors or people who might be well know enough in my market to ask.

Is a blurb important? Do people actually read those two or three lines with some famous person’s name attached to it? I never have. I read the back to get an idea of what the story is about and look for  appealing cover art.

Some marketing gurus will tell you that getting that blurb for the back of your book is the most important part of your cover. I personally do not think that is true. I write Historical Fiction. I suppose there is a well know expert on the Old West that I could chat up for a few lines to pop on my back cover, but I wouldn’t know.

I have been buying books and reading for the better part of forty years and have never bought a book because someone wrote a few lines for the back of the book saying how wonderful it is. How does the reader know the writer didn’t pay that person for the blurb? I’m skeptical of things like that.

So, my books will probably never have those few lines telling the reader to buy my book because he or she loved it. If somebody of note happened to buy my book and then left a review in Amazon or Goodreads, praising it, I might reformat my cover to include it. Luckily as a self-published author I can do that using Createspace’s Cover Creator. I don’t think I’d ever send someone a copy of my manuscript and beg them to read it for a blurb on the back cover.

Will I sell fewer books because I don’t have a blurb? I suppose that’s possible. Maybe those few lines are important to some readers. I can understand it being important with a non-fiction book. Having the book endorsed by a leader in the field would be important, but I write fiction. In my humble opinion, appealing cover art and a good description of the content on the back is the important thing.

The marketing gurus will disagree. I’m going with my own experience as a book buyer. The marketing gurus also say you need lots of graphics in your blog post to attract readers. I read blogs for content and not pretty pictures, so today I’m posting this sans graphics.

Until tomorrow; Write On!


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