Day 23: Authors’ Blog Challenge: Where would I like to go with my Main Character?

I think I’d like to join Mattie Wallace and Roxie North in Dodge City, Kansas, 1878. It was a wild time and full of interesting characters. The city saw the likes of the Earp and Masterson brothers, Big Nose Kate, Doc Holliday, and Dora Hand.

I would especially like to sit with the girls in The Lady Gay Saloon and chat with Dora Hand. I have so many questions to ask her. She was a beautiful woman and very talented. She was born in Boston in a well-to-do family. She studied Opera in Europe, yet she ended up singing in a saloon in the rowdiest cow town in the west. It has been said that she was a high-dollar prostitute in Dodge, but that has never been verified in any way. She was the mistress of Dog Kelley who was the Mayor of Dodge, and died in his house during an assassination attempt by a young cowboy from Texas, who ironically wanted to kill Kelley because he sought the affections of Dora.

I think it would be fascinating to sit with the girls in the busy saloon, soaking up the Wild West atmosphere, and chatting with Dora and possibly James and Bat Masterson. I’d love to get the women’s opinions on living as a prostitute and how they spent their days.

Roxie and Mattie are both very independent women in an age when women could only have independence by lowering themselves to the level of a Soiled Dove. Family would have disowned them so they were free of fathers or brothers to control them, most did not have husbands, and some, like Mattie and Roxie, practiced the Trade without a pimp who would take most of their earnings. Those were the only truly free women in the 19th Century. The first rumblings of the Women’s Rights Movement were beginning to be heard at that time. Amazing to some today, those rumblings were spurred on by women like Mattie and Roxie. I’d love to hear their feelings on the matter of Women’s Rights.

I’m a fan of historical clothing and would love to get a close-up look at the real thing. Roxie is a bit of a  fashionista and I’d love to talk clothes with her.

I wouldn’t mind getting a look at Wyatt Earp and the brothers. Was he as handsome as Kevin Costner or Kurt Russell? I know Doc Holliday was not as nice looking as Val Kilmer, but he was said to be very charming.

If I could go anywhere and in any time with my characters it would be Dodge City with Mattie and Roxie to have a beer or two in The Lady Gay Saloon, perhaps after grabbing a meal at the B&K.10685237_10202746279844942_860401557_n


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