Authors’ Blog Challenge: What could I do to treat my book more as a business?

My book as a business? Yes, I suppose it is. As a self-published author and an author working with small presses, I’m responsible for the marketing of my work. Marketing … Yuck! I find that I must be a shameless self-promoter. I really hate that, but it is necessary. Unfortunately the books don’t sell themselves. Lori Beasley Bradley is not a Brand name … yet.

I hate the idea of being a Brand. But that is the name of the game these days. What is my Author Brand? What can I do to get Branded? Am I a cow in a herd? What is my Brand? I write Historical Fiction with a bit of erotica mixed in to spice it up. I write for adults not children, though the YA market is hot right now.treewitch1958 My marketing Meetup recommended I have a publishing logo designed. There it is.

I have a website: I’m not a techy. What do I do with it? I don’t know how to update it and really can’t afford to pay someone to keep it up.

I’ve tried book signings. I’ve talked about that before. I download articles about how to improve my marketing strategy and my son yells at me for downloading things that put garbage on my computer.

I have a degree in marketing! I’ve owned two very successful businesses. I should be able to sell books!

What I’ve discovered about marketing books is that it takes time, money, and persistence. I have very little of any. My time is taken up with writing. That’s what I enjoy! My limited income is spent on physical necessities like food, fuel, and a roof over my head. My persistence ran out some time ago. I have lots of ideas, but most take money. I spend time on Facebook, but don’t want to jam my friends and family up with what seems like me begging them to buy my books! I write this Blog and post it to Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

I know I should have a Marketing Plan. Unfortunately, my Marketing Budget is nonexistent. That makes it difficult to put a Marketing Plan into action. If I had a big budget, I’d hire a publicist or a marketing guru.

In the mean time, I will plug along. I enjoy the writing and if I never get ‘discovered’, that’s OK. I am happy with those few people who’ve read my work and told me they loved it. I was thrilled when my 75 yr. old aunt told me she absolutely loved The Legend of the Swamp Witch and to keep writing. I will, Aunt Nelda. I will!


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