A second helping of Macabre Macaroni

Very nice!

Entertaining Stories

I think my reasoning behind this one will be obvious. Hope you enjoy it.

Ghost of the Mind

She tenderly puts the ancient flip-phone on its charging stand, careful not to bend the cord again. A warm shower always primes her for the work day. She pulls on her flats, and places her heels beside her purse. One poached egg later and she heads for the bus stop.

The neighborhood is much nicer than fifteen years ago. Small shops and bistros popped up along the street, and the community garden is in its second year. People are already there to pick up the branches that blew down overnight. She visits the coffee shop before the bus stop.

A fresh romance novel occupies her time for the next hour. People get on, and others get off. She gulps the last mouthful of her latte and throws the cup away as she…

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