Day 26 Authors’ Blog Challenge: Where will I sell my books?

I sell my books mainly through I also have my books at The Dog Eared Page bookstore in north Phoenix on 32 St. between Bell and Greenway. It is primarily a used bookstore,l but the owner, also an Indie Author, allows shelf space for other Indie Authors from the valley. All Indie books are featured on shelves at the front of the store. As Indie Authors we are limited. We don’t get extended distribution or have our books in Barnes & Noble. Those channels are taken by the big publishers.

The books I’m having published by Etopia Press and JK Publishing will be available on Amazon and through the Publishers’ websites. I carry around copies in the backseat of my car so if you know me, grab a copy! Hob Nob’s Coffee Shop, where our critique group meets, also has shelf space in the front of the store for the authors to show our work.Ruby Queen. New cover

Changing Hands Bookstore offers shelf space to Indie Authors, but they charge 25.00 to check out your book. Paying to place my books rubs me the wrong way. I’m speaking at The Southwest Valley Writers’ Conference on November 7 and my books will be available there through Changing Hands. They will be running the Authors’ Table with a cashier and I’m curious to see how that is going to work.

I’ve thought about different places where I might place my books. Western themed venues would be good for my Soiled Dove Sagas. Book 3 of the series is set in Prescott and I plan to visit a few places up there when the book is available and try to place some there. I wonder if most people who live in Prescott today realize it had a very active red-light district? My Erotic Romances might do well in some of the Adult Erotica outlets, but they are Erotica and not Porn. I’ve been hesitant about approaching any of them.BookCoverImage Promises

I approached a coffee shop in my home town back in Illinois and asked about shelf space. When visiting there, I was thrilled to see they offered books written by local authors. I was told they really only carried books by local authors written about the town and its history. Funny, I saw one with a very sultry witch portrayed on the cover. I never knew Franklin County had open Covens! Oh, well. I remembered the author from high school and really wasn’t surprised that she garnered shelf space. Some things never change in small town America.BookCoverImage

Such is the world of the Indie author. We must find places to sell our books. Not only are we writers, we must be marketers as well. I used to giggle at a fellow who showed up at the medieval events where I sold costuming. He would set up a little table and fill it with the medieval fantasy he’d written. Now I have a serious respect for him and his tenacity. I feel bad now, that I never bought one of his books. I bet there are some cowboy type events where I could buy space to set up a table to sell The Soiled Dove Sagas. I’ll look into that!BookCoverImage Ruby Queen

Until tomorrow: Write On! Ok, I know dropping in all the pictures of my book covers is obvious self-promotion, but hey!


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