Day 27 Authors’ Blog Challenge: What am I doing to grow my platform?

Like many new authors, I had no idea what a platform was when someone asked me what I’d been doing to build my platform. What the hell is a platform? How can I build one if I don’t know what it is? Do I need power tools? A trip to Home Depot?

No, my platform is my customer base. What am I doing to build a customer base or group of core readers for my books. Why don’t they just call it a readership? What have I been doing to build readership? Do they have to make it more difficult with obscure titles like platform and brand? What is my brand and what am I doing to build my platform? Is there a manual for this?

I’m pretty certain my Brand is Historical Fiction with a bit of erotic content and some Erotic Romance in a historic setting. Now for the Platform!

I have a Facebook Page. I’ve had one for a long time. I built pages for my books. I’ve paid Facebook to promote the pages for the books. Have I made sales because of it? I have no idea. Nobody has contacted me and said I bought your book because I saw it on Facebook.

I opened a Twitter account and have over four hundred followers. What does that mean? My blog posts go to all of those people. Do they read them? I follow almost as many, but I seldom go to the site. Would it do any of those people any good to have me as a follower and hope I’ll buy their book when they have one to sell? Probably not. I’m not betting any money on Twitter as a sales avenue,

I have a LinkedIn account. I have over five hundred connections. I’ve found several publishing connections there. I’ve corresponded with other writers and some editors. It’s been a good site for my author business in that way, but I don’t see it as a marketing tool.

I have a website. I have no idea how to use it properly. I don’t know how to update it. I’m a technophobe. I’m afraid that if I try to go into the Admin section, the thing will completely explode. Rees Taylor with Publishing Addicts built me a beautiful site.

I have this blog and I’m trying to use it more. It’s day 27 of this challenge and I’ve posted almost everyday. I’ve been enjoying it and it’s actually becoming part of my morning routine. I hope I can keep it up and I don’t want it to become simply a tool of Shameless Self-promotion. Isn’t the Platform a Shameless Self-promotion tool? Oh my!

OK, my Platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, my website, my blog. I don’t think I’ve missed much. I have a Pinterest account, but have no idea how to use it. I don’t have an Instagram account because I’m not a picture taker, and I don’t do Youtube because I don’t do podcasts. I know those are useful to the person who knows and understands how to take advantage of them. It’s not me. If someone sat down with me for a couple of hours and gave me a tutorial on Pinterest I might use it.

I’ve been told I’m well on my way to building an effective Platform. Cool! Now that the Platform is built, I should get back to writing so I have something to actually throw up onto the Platform!#FUTUREREADERS

I’m working on a Paranormal Erotic Romance I’m calling Moon of the Witch. I had to do something for Halloween and was inspired by pictures of the lunar eclipse the other night. Therefore, full moons,  sexy witches, and  sexier werewolves out in the Louisiana bayou. Sounds like a book to me. Look for Moon of the Witch soon!moon on orange sky

Until tomorrow: Write On!


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