Day 28 Authors’ Blog Challenge: How am I using Social Media?

#FUTUREREADERSI think I’ve covered this in other posts, but I’ll touch on it again. We are told that Social Media is the avenue for promoting and selling our books today. Social Media is where we are told to build our Author Platform.

I took a month and focused on Twitter. I built my followers from 17 to almost 500. It was fun watching those followers grow everyday. Most are people in the writing community. Many are writers, bloggers, and promoters. I ignore people offering to promote my books to their multiple thousands of followers, especially when I pull up their profiles and see they only have around a hundred. I’m a skeptic and have been taught that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I repost twitter posts about authors’ books and hope they get passed along.

I have a Facebook page and have for a long time. I started it to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away. I’ve joined several groups of writers and post on them when I have a new release. I spend a good bit of time pimping other authors’ books by sharing their adds and liking their pages. I know the posts are reciprocated. I worry that some of my friends may get tired of these shares, but I know some of my friends have purchased books by my fellow authors.

I built pages for some of my books, but promoting the pages can become expensive.

I have a LinkedIn account and have over five hundred connections around the world. Most of these connections have to do with the publishing industry. I found two of my publishers through LinkedIn and have contacted Agents. I think LinkedIn is best for those kinds of connections rather than a sales platform. My Blog is linked to my LinkedIn Account as well as my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

I’m sure I could be using Social Media more, but it’s really not in my wheelhouse. Younger people and more techy types probably enjoy Social Media much more than I do. I keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook, repost blogs and ads on Twitter, and find business connections on LinkedIn. I would still much rather talk on a phone than text. I’m old. My grandchildren could probably give me great tutorials on using Social Media.

Am I using Social Media to my best advantage? Probably not, but I’ve given it a shot. I don’t spend hours on Social Media sites. I’d rather spend my time writing and being creative.


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