Day 29 Authors’ Blog Challenge: Who would be my perfect partner?

Who would I like to partner with to sell my books? That is a very good question and one I’d love to have the answer to. I think we’d all love to be in Barnes and Noble or have our publishers aligned with Ingram so we would have a wider distribution network. That being said, who else?

I’ve considered looking for Western themed stores or restaurants to carry my Soiled Dove Sagas. They take place in Abilene, Kansas, Dodge City, Colorado Springs, and Prescott, Arizona between 1870 and 1881. They deal with cowboys, miners, gamblers, and of course, prostitutes. I’ve tried to include as much colorful history as possible. They would look good in any Western themed venue. How would I pitch them? That’s a good question. Thus far, my pitches have not been very effective with Agents. I’m still working on it.soiled-dove

Where would I pitch my Erotic Romances? Adult Bookstores would be my first thought. They don’t have racy covers, so they might not be attractive to those customers. I suppose I could rework the cover art.

Since today’s prompt said to use our imaginations, here’s my imaginative idea. Does anybody remember the door-to-door salesmen who came around selling Bibles and encyclopedias? What if we set up an Indie Author  sales program with sales men who carried around a trunk full of books by Indie Authors and had spiffy catalogues with all our books? Different catalogues for different genres? Customers could buy books from the salesman or order from the catalogues. Salesmen could sign people up for mailing lists dedicated to the customer’s preferred genre. Just a thought!

It would also be nice to find a chain of bookstores dedicated to Indie Authors only! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Finding sales channels for our work is one of the things an Independent Author is forced to deal with. Traditional Publishers offer their authors distribution and that’s one of the reasons we all try so desperately to contract with a traditional. With the rise of the ebook, there are now a host of publishers out there who look like traditional publishers, but only offer ebook sales through Amazon, other ebook channels, and their websites. They don’t offer actual paper copies of the books. I hate to tell them, but some of us old dogs still like to hold a book in our hands. Our eyes are shot and reading from a small e-reader gives us headaches. Now I’m getting redundant.Image via Flikr Creative Commons, via Mikko Luntiala

My perfect partner would be somebody who would buy, stock my books, and sell them. I have yet to find that perfect partner. The stores I am dealing with now require me to make the cash outlay to purchase the stock from the publisher and deliver them. I always thought the writing was supposed to be the difficult part about being an author. This marketing part is a whole different ball game. It takes much more time and energy than the writing and it is not nearly as enjoyable. Unless you are a Stephen King or James Patterson, the marketing is the difficult part.

Until tomorrow: Write On!


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