Day 30 Authors’ Blog Challenge: Who would Star in the Movie of my Book?

I gave a good bit of thought to this while writing The Legend of the Swamp Witch. It would have to be Halle Berry. She is who I pictured while writing Angelique Clairvoux. Though I think the actress has probably aged out of the part now. Angelique dies at age twenty.  Her modern counterpart, Raquel, is also that age.

I really didn’t have any actresses in mind for Mattie or Roxie in my Soiled Dove Sagas. I don’t watch a lot of movies anymore and wouldn’t have any idea about current popular actresses. All the actresses I’m familiar with have aged out of those parts.

I think all of us picture ourselves in our main characters, but I’m no actress. My main characters tend to have red hair. I have red hair. I give some of them green eyes. I loved wearing my green contacts, but my eyes are blue. I’m now handicapped, and older and most of my characters are younger. I started a paranormal last year with an older, physically handicapped woman who goes back home to start over. That was just a little too obviously me and I shelved the project. Promises has an older woman who is trying to become a published author and find love again. I was toying with the contemporary personal romance novel, so yah, that one is a good bit me. I’ve made the trip from Phoenix back to Illinois on I-40 several times, so the scenery is familiar and I love that area on I-44 through southwest Missouri. All I had to do was close my eyes to picture my scenes.

Meryl Streep would be my choice as the actress to portray Ivy in Promises. I’m not saying I look like Meryl Streep! She’s simply my favorite actress of all times and would be great as the character.

I seldom picture popular actresses in my head when I’m picturing a character. Halle Berry was my idea of Angelique Clairvoux, but she’s really the only actress I’ve actually pictured while writing.

Mattie and Roxie are completely figments of my imagination. They are amalgams of girls and women I’ve known throughout my life. I believe most writers do that. They picture a person they’ve known and give their characters features and mannerisms of that individual.

The paranormal romance I’m working on now features a perky petite redhead who I’ve styled after a young woman in my critique group. She’ll know who she is. My antagonist could be a young Vanessa Williams. She’s very easy to picture as a beautiful practitioner of the Dark Arts. My male lead is probably a younger Matthew McCaunaghey.

Charles Devaroe in The Ruby Queen and Sweet Rewards is totally Clark Gable. I pictured Gable’s face, voice, and mannerisms when writing Devaroe. Male characters are a little more difficult to write for me.


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