I didn’t get a prompt today for my Authors’ Blog Challenge: So Shameless Self-Promotion

BookCoverImage PromisesAs there was no prompt today and not one on the posted list, I’ll make up my own: Shameless Self-promotion.

My newest book, Promises has actually been doing OK even though I haven’t been promoting it much.
Perhaps my Author’s Platform is beginning to make some progress and people are looking for my new releases! Yeah!!

Promises is a contemporary Erotic Romance about an older woman who aspires to finding an Agent and becoming a published author at a major publishing house. Does she sound a little familiar? I’m dipping my toes into the possibility of writing personal romances. I needed to give Contemporary a shot. I thought it should sound a little personal, as well.

Ivy Chandler is close to sixty, lives alone, and writes Historical Fiction and Erotic Romances. She also lives in Phoenix. She’s sounding more familiar , isn’t she! Ivy has fallen for a very worldly man who is just a little older than her, but she is full of self-doubt. Is she really good enough for him? Can she ever fit into his up-scale world? Finally diverging into the fictional!! Just when Ivy thinks she’s made a break into the publishing world and into her man’s world things fall apart …

OK you have to buy the book to get the rest! Promises by Lori Beasley Bradley is available at Amazon.com. 10.75 for paperback and 3.99 for Kindle. Free if you have Kindle Select! I hope this has not been too in your face ‘buy my book’, but this is my Blog and it seems to be a free day for the Blog Challenge. I may as well take advantage of it and pimp my work.

I’m currently working on a Paranormal Erotic Romance involving contemporary witches in southern Louisiana and loup-gaurou. Werewolves for those of you unfamiliar with the French. I’ve heard various versions of the word in modern Creole. I think the swamp beast is now being called Rougarou or something like that, but I prefer the old French version. One of the very first contemporary horror novels I read was Moon of the Wolf. I think I read it in fourth or fifth grade, but I loved it. I saw a made-for-tv movie version in the early 70s and was under-impressed. It was a great book and very exciting in my forth or fifth grade way of thinking. It has stuck with me after all these years and that says a lot about the writing. I’ve incorporated a few of the things from that book into Moon of the Witch, mainly the name. I’ve used my knowledge of Wicca, herbalism, and other paranormal lore to attempt a creative read. It does contain some erotica, so it’s an adult read.

I think my next November Novel Writing project may be an attempt at a YA. I was young once. I think I might be able to pull it off. Considering my childhood, it may turn out to be a horror story! I need to see if I can stretch myself beyond erotica and write something engaging without the spice. My critique group is now getting upset when the chapters I present don’t include erotica. I don’t know if that’s good or bad! I may be pigeon-holing myself. Do I want my Author’s Brand to be only erotica?

Back to Moon of the Witch. I put together a nice cover. It’s very colorful and a bit spooky. Lots of Blood-red and black with a big white moon.  moon on orange sky

I’m over five hundred and fifty words so I suppose that’s enough shameless self-promotion for today. Queen of the Cow Towns is being edited and I have fifteen Chapters of my first draft of Crown Queen completed. I’ve been rethinking Crown Queen and may end up scrapping it and starting over. I have a very rough outline put together for my Mourning Series, a family saga about an Alabama family and their trials during and after the Civil War. New ideas keep plaguing me! As a writer, is that good or bad?

Until tomorrow: Write On!


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