Day 33 Authors’ Blog Challenge: What’s next?

forest bridge in ItalyWhat projects are in my future? I think I went over all of this in my post on Monday, but for the sake of adhering to my prompt, I will relate it all again.

I’m currently having The Queen of the Cow Towns edited. As soon as the next round of edits is finished I’ll format and upload it to Createspace for publication. The cover is completed, but I can’t do a reveal until it’s actually live on Amazon.

I’m working on a new Paranormal Romance. I’m twenty chapters into the story and really enjoying it. Witches, werewolves, and romance; what’s not to like! I have designed the cover already and will begin submitting chapters to my critique group soon. They’ve heard fifteen chapters of Queen of the Cow Towns. That’s just enough to wet their whistles for the ending. Good sales tool! LOL

I have fifteen chapters completed of Crown Queen, but after my last reread, I think I may scrap it. The story is progressing to where I want it to go, but I feel It needs a little more excitement and conflict. There is conflict, but it needs to be more intense. Roxie’s shot a couple of men, but that just isn’t doing it for me. I’m mulling it over.

For my NaNoWriMo project I’m thinking about a YA drama set in the early 70s. I’ve sketched out a character for my protagonist and have given it the tentative title of Summer’s Child. That’s where I am on that, but November is almost here!

I also have several pages in my notebook for my Mourning Series, following a family through and after the Civil War in Alabama. I’ve sketched out the family characters, given them names and character traits. I have a long list of research projects regarding the war in Alabama, the politics of the war there, and plantation life. I love research.

I’m doing a presentation on editing at The Southwest Valley Writers’ Conference on November 7, along with two of my fellow critique group members, Cody Wagner and Jacob Shaver. Cody and I both have written and self-published novels. Jacob is a freelance editor and working on a collection of essays he will self-publish. Our presentation will talk about writing as a team sport. The writer, a critique group, an editor, and beta readers working together to produce a polished finished product for publication. I think we’ve put together a fun, entertaining, and educational presentation. Cody and I will first talk about our writing processes, then our experiences with our editors. I’ve had one manuscript edited by a publishing house, so I can add my experience there. Jacob will then relate the other side of the fence as an editor, dealing with whiney, stubborn authors. I think we are going to end the session with a critique session the audience will participate in.Image via Hyperbole and a Half

That is my next few months in a nutshell. I’m sure other projects will pop up. My daughter wants me to give her latest project an edit. It’s a YA murder mystery. I’ll edit for grammar, but probably not content. Her story is her story, but I’ll look out for continuity issues. Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow: Write on!


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