Authors’ Blog Challenge: I seem to be a day ahead of myself now! Today is Day 33 and I wrote that post yesterday!

I suppose this says a good bit about my ability to read simple instructions and a calendar. I’m generally a terrible procrastinator, but I promised myself I’d do this challenge and post everyday. I’ve made an heroic attempt. I’ve written posts and tried to keep the dates and topics straight. Evidently I’ve failed miserably.Can get you in trouble...

Today I was supposed to talk about my plans for the immediate future. Go back to yesterday’s post to read that. There are only two days left after this one to receive prompts for my posts and I’ll have to go back to pulling them out of thin air again. I was relying on some of my message boards for ideas, but some of them have been stuck on the same topics for a very long time and I’ve been ignoring them, for the most part.

I’m a creative person and should be able to come up with compelling topics for this blog. I will do my best. I hope you have all been enjoying my foray into this challenge. It is October 16 and I only have a couple of weeks until November and will be focusing on my NaNoWriMo project. I will make a concerted effort to post during that time, but I’m not going to make any promises.

Until tomorrow: Write On!


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