Day 35: Authors’ Blog Challenge: What did I like most about this challenge and how will I keep up the momentum?

I think what I liked the most about this challenge was that it actually put my head in the right place and made this blog a part of my morning routine. I get up, have my coffee & bagel, then come to my computer and write a post. It is now a thing and not something I just think I ought to do, but push aside. OMG I’m a blogger!

I’ve tried in the past to make this a part of my daily routine, but it never took. I don’t know why. Now I look forward to it every morning. Will this change when I have to begin looking for topics on my own to write about? It’s possible, but I hope not. I don’t want to fall into a rut of shameless self-promotion, either. This blog is called: My Writing, but I don’t want to yell ‘buy my books!’ everyday. I will attempt to tactfully drop hints and pictures of my covers.

I have enjoyed this challenge so much I’ve actively been looking for other blogging challenges and events to join. I’m not certain what a blog tour is, but will endeavor to find out and perhaps participate in one of those. I see other authors talking about them and I should probably figure out what they are all about.

Thank you, Laura Orsini, for putting this together and allowing me to participate. I’m a bit scatter-brained and got some of the dates and topics mixed up, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next angel


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