I joined another Critique Group!

Today I attended to organizational meeting of the Peoria Fiction Writers’ Critique Group. I’m not abandoning The Central Phoenix Writers’ Workshop, but this group meets closer to me and I can have two manuscripts critiqued at once this way. It looks like it will be a fun group. With three published manuscripts and two publishing contracts, I find myself the experienced writer in this group! Scary! I look forward to offering any input I can. Everyone is excited and eager. It’s nice to see all that energy!

I’ll continue to present my Soiled Dove Sagas at the Wednesday night group and begin presenting other projects on Saturdays. It will be nice to get new insights.

Yesterday I opened The Legend of the Swamp Witch and began giving it a quick reread and edit. I’ve gone through the first four chapters and added about five hundred words. I justified the chapters and am trying to correct some issues. Holy POV Batman! When I wrote the story I had no clear idea about Point of View. I also didn’t understand about showing and telling. I’ve stripped out several telling paragraphs and replaced them with dialogue that shows the action and events. I’ll work on it some more today then set it aside and begin my prep for my NaNoWriMo project, Crown Queen.BookCoverImage

Looking back on the Witch showed me how much I’ve learned about writing since joining The Central Phoenix Writers’ Workshop. I hope I can pass a fraction of that knowledge on to writers in this new group.

I got a late start with this today, so I’d better get back to the Witch and try to get through a few more chapters.

Until Tomorrow:  Write On!


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