My Revisit of the Witch

BookCoverImageOK. I’m sure y’all are saying enough of the shameless self-promotion with the book cover! But I just spent the last 3 days editing and rewriting this story. I went through her line-by-line. How could I have missed so much the first dozen times I read her? OMG!

I had to fix some POV problems and rewrite a ton of passive sentences. One of the critics on Amazon said I had too many unnecessary commas, but I really didn’t find that many. I actually added some! I was taught to use commas in a certain way and I stand by them ,,, all of them!

I actually added about three thousand words to this addition. I got rid of some telling paragraphs and replaced them with some showing dialogue. I tightened her up quite a bit and she reads much better. When I’m finished posting this blog I will upload the new file to Createspace so anyone purchasing will get the new and improved addition.

The Legend of the Swamp Witch was my first and I will always be proud of her, but I’m a firm believer in trying to be the best that I can be. Will I go through her again in another two years and rewrite her again? Probably not, but you never know. I know I’ve learned a lot about writing since I published her, so I owed it to the both of us to try to put our best foot forward.

I have five more days until NaNoWriMo begins, so tomorrow I begin my outline for Crown Queen so I can jump in ready to go on November 1.  I have several ideas I’m mulling over to add some spice and excitement to what I already had started. On November 7 I’ll be giving my presentation along with my buds Cody Wagner and Jacob Shaver at the Southwest Valley Writers’ Conference in Avondale, Arizona. I’m looking forward to it.

My sister and her husband are going to Vegas for the Halloween weekend and I will be home with the muts for the weekend. Yeah me!

Until tomorrow:  Write On!


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